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By means of eye, not with the eye knows
how to see the world our mind.

William Blake

       It's better to see one time,then to hear of it a hudred times - it's Russian proverb is often forgotten by a teacher when he prepares for a lesson. Partly it can be explained with the ordinary human laziness - a tonque and a head are always with you, and a picture has to be drawn in advance. In reality each teacher uses enough pictorial aids and visual aids.

       The new direction which is being elaborated by us at the visual school, is a profound changing of the role of the didactics materials. From the complimentary escorting aid such materials become the leading instrument in the development of the schoolchild's thinking and of the student's one.

       Do you like pictures so passionately, as we like them? The pictures help in physics, in mathematics, in grammar and in music... We became so enchanted by them, that are enabled to develop a special kind of the didactics materials.

       In our visual school we show how it is possible to teach children to watch and to observe.

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